Dérive has been in the making for over a year now... 

After my divorce I found myself feeling completely lost and trying to grasp onto anything in order to feel a bit of certainty in my life. I started to question everything in life... and this is when I started on my path to self discovery. I started traveling solo, adventuring with friends, and taking time to explore my thoughts, feelings, and world view. Traveling broke me open in so many ways and for that I am forever grateful. My perspective about life started to change with every new city I visited. Watching and learning from other cultures has been incredible. In so many ways traveling has been my life teacher. 

I started to think... I know there must be others out there in the same boat, feeling the same feelings. This is when I began to create self discovery trips for women. These trips are for women that need a reset in their lives,  time away to gain perspective, and to find a deeper connection with self.

My vision is to open a space for women to heal and to grow. We heal and grow from digging in deep and on these retreats, that is part of the takeaway. Through journaling, meditation, and group discussion attendees get the chance to break open and re-discover themselves. This process can be difficult, but also very beautiful. 

These trips aren't just talking about your feelings though... these trips also include tons of adventure, socializing, immersing yourself into a new culture, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! 

I hope to see you on a future retreat!


Angie Monson