Dérive: A spontaneous journey where the traveller leaves their life behind for a time to let the spirit of the landscape and architecture attract and move them...

Travel for women that are in search of self discovery, a fresh perspective, and an epic adventure.

CONNECT with yourself & OTHERS



Come learn to surf, do a bit of yoga, meditate, journal, explore, and connect! Tacos and guacamole will be will be readily available;)


Sailing the adriatic sea is one of the most relaxing and enchanting ways to get away from it all. Come reset, adventure on the water, and eat the most delicious, fresh food you could ever imagine!


Come shop in the old Medina's, eat the freshest Moroccan cuisine, and ride camels through the desert. Morocco is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a culture that is so completely different than what we experience at home. Prepare to be amazed by the history, culture, and food!


I wanted to experience a unique, unforgettable experience that I didn't have to plan and that is exactly what Angie did! Each part of the trip was so special and every detail was beautiful. From the places we ate to the houses we stayed at. I had expected such a glamorous trip to be way out of my budget, but it wasn't! I am so excited to go on the next adventure that Angie puts together!


Angie is everything you could want in a tour guide and adventure planner... funny, warm, relaxed, a great dancer, and her trips are fabulous! I have been on the Croatia trip and Bali trip, and had the time of my life! She attracts like minded women who love to travel, adventure, exercise, and relax. Bring a friend, or go solo... make time for yourself and go on one of her trips! 


I have taken TWO incredible trips with Angie and both have been radically LIFE-CHANGING. She’s vibrant and so enjoyable to be around!!! (and hilarious too!) From the minute you meet her she feels like a long-lost friend. She is such a positive source of energy; one with whom your soul immediately connects. Her trips have allowed me to fully discover my journey of self-love and allowed me to be pro-active in seeking my path.


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